the house of the Scorpion

Farmer, Nancy. the house of the Scorpion. New York: Simon and Schulster, 2002.
ISBN: 0689852231 pbk.

Reader’s Annotation:
This story follows the life of Matteo Alacran, a clone, who fights against his destiny.


Matteo Alacran is not only a clone. He is the clone of the most powerful drug lord in a country called Opium. You would think that this would make Matt important or even special, but that is not the case. Matt is lower than the lowest animal, yet he is special. Matt is different from the other clones. He thinks, he dreams, he is artistic; he is most definitely different from the mindless drones that surround him. But what makes him different from other human beings?

Matt doesn’t know why he’s different. He just knows he is. But will this difference be enough to save him from his fate, the fate of all clones? Will he find out what that fate is before it’s too late? Matt’s story is one of difference and its importance. Sometimes difference can make you a target and sometimes it takes one person to make a difference in the world. Find out what happens in the house of the Scorpion.

National Book Award Winner
Newberry Honor Book
Michael L. Printz Award
Booklist Starred Review
Kirkus Starred Review

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