Dickinson, Peter. Eva. New York: Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, 1988.
ISBN: 0440207665
$ 6.99 pbk.
Reader’s Annotation:
A young girl is horribly injured in a car crash, as a result her brain is put into a chimpanzee’s body. The story follows the ethical, moral, and personal complications that follow this decision.

Have you ever felt like an animal? Wondered what it would like to be one? Eva, a teenage girl, doesn’t have to wonder what it’s like to be a chimpanzee, she is one.

-Futuristic setting
-Link between humans and primates
-Animal rights
-Political undertones of the story
-Cautionary tale

Booklist Starred Review
School Library Journal reviewed April 1, 1989
Publishers Weekly reviewed February 10, 1989

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