The Faerie Path

Jones, Frewin. The Faerie Path. New York: Harper Collins, 2007.
ISBN: 9780060871048 pbk.

Reader’s Annotation:
The story of a girl that finds out she is real live fairy princess.

It’s Tania’s birthday and her boyfriend has a big surprise for her. Tania really hopes that her boyfriend is going to say those three magic little words, “I love you”. The surprise starts with a romantic boat ride, just Tania and her boyfriend Evan. But everything is spoiled by a surprise visitor that makes the boat crash.

When Tania wakes up Evan is gone and she’s quite sure she’s going crazy. Tania dreams of flying. She dreams of a mysterious man that urges her to leave the hospital. She receives a mysterious book that tells a wonderful fairy tale story.

But what if Tania isn’t going crazy? What if her wings were real? What if the story in the mysterious book was her story? Dare she follow the mysterious man? Dare she follow The Faerie Path?

VOYA reviewed April 1, 2007
School Library Journal reviewed March 1, 2007
Booklist reviewed January 1, 2007

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