The Blue Girl

de Lint, Charles. The Blue Girl. New York: Penguin Group, 2004.
ISBN: 0142405450 pbk.

Reader’s Annotation:
Seventeen year old Imogene moves to a new school district, yet in this new place she rediscovers a link to an old and not so imaginary friend.

Who exactly is The Blue Girl? Imogene doesn’t start as the blue girl. Imogene starts as an ordinary girl. Granted Imogene’s a little more hardcore than your average teenage girl, but she’s still fairly normal. Well if you consider a normal girl to be a thrift shop wearing, tattoo sporting, gang member, with a quirky side.

Imogene just moved to new town and she’s determined to make a best friend. She’s willing to do anything even appear normal, well as normal as she can. Little does Imogene know that she’s about to get what she asked for in spades. Imogene makes one normal friend Maxine, a quiet studious girl that embraces Imogene’s quirky side. However, Imogene also acquires a few more friends that are slightly more unusual.

Imogene befriends a teenage ghost that haunts her school along with a couple of malicious fairies. She also reacquaints herself with her old imaginary friend, Pellie. Little does Imogene know that her exposure to the magical world is about to get complicated and a whole lot scarier. Questions lie everywhere, but the biggest question becomes why is Imogene The Blue Girl?

Winner of the World Fantasy Award
VOYA reviewed December 1, 2004
Booklist reviewed February 15, 2004
School Library Journal reviewed November 1, 2004

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