Moore, Alan, and Dave Gibbons. Watchmen. New York: DC Comics Inc, 1987.
ISBN:9780930289232 pbk.

Reader’s Annotation:
This widely acclaimed graphic novel chronicles the adventures of disgraced and retired super-heroes as they struggle to prevent World War III and save their own lives.

Super heroes are disappearing left and right, World War III is imminent, nuclear holocaust is a reality. What’s an outlawed super-hero to do? Find out in: Watchmen

- Alternate format: graphic novel interspersed with news articles, case files, interviews
- Movie tie-in
- Cold War analogy
- Super-hero versus Law enforcement
- Set in 1980s gives alternate history
- Portrays super-heroes as humans with no real powers
- The hero of the story is the bad guy, redeeming qualities?
- Viewed as most popular graphic novel

Hugo Award -1988
Locus Award -1988
One of Time Magazine’s Best Novels - 2005

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