Drama High: The Fight

Divine, L. Drama High: The Fight. New York: Dafina Books, 2006.
ISBN: 0758216335
202 pp.

Reader’s Annotation:
The Fight chronicles the daily drama of a young girl that splits her time between Compton, a rather rough part of L.A., and South Bay High, a mainly white high school in an affluent part of L.A.

Book Whispers:

Jayd Jackson is from Compton L.A. a pretty rough part of town, but for Jayd South Bay High might just be more dangerous than Compton. Find out what happens in Drama High: The Fight.

Drama High has your average mix of jocks, preps, druggies, and nerds, so why does Jayd Jackson need a ritual cleansing to protect herself from the drama of Drama High? Find out in Drama High: The Fight.
Chicago Tribune reviewed August 11, 2007

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